Module 5

Module 5

windscreen, nose, wipers, mirrors, lights, hand brake, heater, fuel filler cap, wheels and seat belts

July 17th 2006

Fitted the rear wheel arches onto the bodywork.

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6th August 2006

Chosen the wheels from the rim stock list…. Popstars, and placing the order with Dave, and we will be collecting module 5 on September 16th

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17th September 2006

My mum and dad drove us down to Westfield to collect module 5 and whilst down there I organised a test drive for my dad.

Arrived home and unboxed the parts… had a quick look and came to the following conclusions:-

  • NO LOCKING WHEEL NUTS…. Going to get some this morning!
  • I need to finish off fuel pipes.
  • I need to fit the fuel pumps

18th September 2006

Fitted the front tyres and rear tyres need to have the hubs fitted before the rear tyres can be placed onto the car. I took a number of photo’s as I have a few questions for Mark at Westfield.

24th September 2006

Mark replied in traditional style with full photo’s and word documents… copies have been placed retrospectively into the website.

16th October 2006

The fuel bracket that was sent in the post was the smaller one for the Huyabusa engine… but i preferred to have the one that sits on the chassis rail.. the post office lost 2 of the parcels!!!! so 3 weeks lost in fitting them.

I had the problems that other people had that the bracket is too long to fit on the bracket, so you have to bash the aluminium panel out slightly and then after using the persuader I then fitted the bracket and then bashed the panel into a very rough alignment..

29th October 2006

Going to fit the bodywork today…. but had a few questions so emailed mark…..

“The roll bar is fitted once all the body and boot box are correctly positioned and fitted.
Mask off the two front areas where the roll bar sits.
Position the bar approximately 3mm from the from square lip on the boot box front edge, not the front rounded edge.
Make sure the bar is central across the car.
Once happy with the position draw around the base of the bar marking the masked off area.
Mark the centre of the two circles.
Drill the centers using a pilot drill.
Then using a hole saw cut out the boot box the diameter of the roll bar.
The bar must rest on the chassis plate when fitted.
Open out the centre mounting pilot hole to take the roll bar mounting bolt.
Pass the bar through the boot box and bolt into position.
Ignore the smaller holes on the edge of the bar.”

so overalls on and here goes..

5th November 2006

2nd attempt at fitting the body to the under mount the problem was my crap drill, so swapped the drill for my big Bosch drill and a we started to cook….

I got two pieces of wood and wedged the bodywork onto them and this held it up and put 4 pop rivets into then job done!!! 30 min’s.

I’m going to read up on the next bit….

12th November 2006

Drilled a hold in the scuttle to take the steering column and then used a hack saw to clean the base. this then loosely fitted the column, so I filed down the hole a little bigger.


19th November 2006

Just tried to loose fit the bonnet and nose cone but I’m not happy with the alignment. The bonnet and body work seem to be right but it seems to be a bit shy on the rail and the alignment of the nose cone is skew.

Just had a look at Bob’s Megablade’s website for a couple of tips.

I think that it needs trimming but I’m not sure.

27th November 2006

It didn’t need trimming but just moving around at the back boot and pushing. happy with the position fitted the 4 rivets along the top rail. next I’m looking at fitting down the scuttle but I can’t see the rivnuts, which mark thinks I might have already fitted.

Started work on the wing mirror attaching to the pillar? seems to be going ok!

28th November 2006

Marks confirmed that the rivnuts have not been fitted and I’m going have to go out any buy a rivnut tool, so down to the tool shop in Reddish, so I can fit 4x6mm nuts.

1st December 2006

purchased a few supplies: fibre glass, wet and dry and electrical crimpers.

Anyway I decided that I would mount the grill on the nose cone and I used, Neil’s method but instead of using coat hangers I used the copper earth wire from a reel of ‘twin and earth’ that I had under the stairs


December 2006

The heater unit doesn’t appear to fit in the same position as the manual… i will post so more photos later showing this, but be careful!!!

The heater vent fitted into the scuttle with no problems, just loads of silicon sealant and a set of weights.

the third picture along shows the vents being drilled out of the scuttle this was done by using a 5mm drill and then a small hack saw blade and files to smooth it down, I’m not 100% happy over this but I will try and improve on this before the big day! I also lose fitted some carpets and the seats to keep them out of the way!






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