Personal best times

Here are my personal best times for each track:-

Date Race target time Personal Best
28/06/2014 Aintree 50.1 59.54
13/06/2014 blyton 71.07 83.23
21/04/2014 Croft 91.84 107.46
16/06/2013 Curbrough 33.12 39.93
14/05/2011 Harewood 65.21 86.11
07/09/2014 Ty Cros International 97.03 115.52
03/09/2011 Ty Cros Nation 145.31 182.61
04/09/2011 Ty Cros Nation 124.4 156.33
04/10/2015 Ty Cros Nation 59.39 69.09
06/09/2014 Ty Cros Nation 2 laps 118.67 144.75

Point Performance

14 thoughts on “Personal best times”

  1. A little bit of a dpnasiointisg show this cheltenham 2013 I know bobsworth sprinter sacre and simonsig obliged but the prices were very short from an average punters point of view. Very surprised that river maigue, chatterbox, utopia des boardes,vasco du ronceray,oscar whisky, rolling star une artiste ma filleule surely one of these could land a place. I cant remember the last time you never had a hurdle winner at the festival? I know MY TENT OR YOURS came second out of the hurdlers but was a little bemused about the riding tactics as he seems like a natural speedy front runner. Long run raced like a sitting duck second string pace maker in the gold cup and was at a disadvantage purely from the make up of the race, i m sure if he sat off the pace he would have finished a lot nearer, and deserves more credit than to be ridden like that Paul nichols managed 1 winner in the last race so between the two big guns fighting it out for the title you managed 5 wins between you for about 35 or more runners a strike rate of roughly 14 percent,take a tip from willie mullins who had about five winners on the first day and dont just run horses for the sake of a cheltenham entry ?

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