Ty Cros Weekend Sept 2014

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  1. Hi Nicky,Where do you start to praise a horse like Sprinter Sacre? Awesome, Scary, Brilliant ? Take your pick he is all of those and more. When I was a young man the Mighty Arkle was my hero and every time he ran and it was on TV the enrite street where I lived came to a grinding halt.Having come through the Arkle era finding a replacement was near on impossible. Horses like Pendil, Captain Christie, The novices Nick Dundee and Killiney , Best Mate etc., were all ypclass animals but none of them caught the imagination like the great horse did.Then came the brilliant Kauto Star and within a few season was being hailed as the best since Arkle a deserved accolade bestowed upon him even by some of the most ardent Denman fans.I have waited over 40 years to see the best since Arkle, a horse good enough to call a real champion and Kauto was certainly that. After waiting such a long time I certainly did not expect that I’d be blown away so soon by another amazing horse.The difference this time is I can’t say from my heart he’s the best I’ve seen since Arkle.What I can say is he’s the best I have seen Arkle included imo. You my friend are in charge of a phenomenon.His performance in yesterday’s QMCC was simply unreal. He’s kicked aside one of the best 2 milers in years like he was a novice miles out of his depth.When I watched Arkle as a kid he always jumped well and on occasions he’d put in a really spectacular jump and draw gasps of sheer amazement from the crowd but Sprinter Sacre is doing that 4 and 5 times every time he runs.He now has an OR of 188 I’m told. If The Victor Chandler was still a handicap he’d make a complete mockery of that mark. In Reality he’s 198+ rated horse if he did run in a handicap I doubt if the current weight span would bring he and any other horse together Simonsig perhaps being an exception.I’d like to thank you for giving us Sprinter Sacre and may you and he remain in the best of health for many years to come.I’d love to see him run in a King George in a couple of years time when he learns to settle better but no matter what you decide it will do for me.All the best of luck for the Gold Cup. Doesn’t look a vintage year so I am siding with Long Run and Sam to win the day.All The BestGeorge

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