Module 1 & 2

Module 1

Space frame, chassis, front and rear wish bones, rear uprights, pedal box, brake pipes, Steering column, Bodywork

Module 2

Front suspension, uprights with discs and callipers, ball joints, front and rear springs, steering rack, track rod ends, differential, CV joint, rear disk and callipers, hand brake lever, cables, fuel pump and pipes, wiring loom and fuses.

September 17th 2004

I decided that my skills for the project even though I was told I didn’t need much, should be increased as I don’t want to get half way through and lose heart. So I have booked myself at the local college (MANCAT in Openshaw) on a one year course for IMI level 1. This will be running in the background whilst I’m creating the beast.

September 28th 2004

First visit to the guys at Westfield and took an 1800, on a test drive, 2 days later the smile is still there… my observations on the drive were nice and responsive drive, although the non servo assisted brakes meant I had to press down a little harder and think more about the driving.
With this in mind I have placed an order for module 1 and 2 with the chrome pack and 15″ wheels, Simon at Westfield agreed to keep the body work in stock till I required it.
I also thought it was best for the lads at Westfield to fit the brake pipes in it… as my life could rely on it.
As for the colour I did fall for the blue and chrome and it looked outstanding with the biscuit and blue vinyl seats.

First challenge is to get the garage built.

October 10th 2004

The concrete base is fitted, awaiting the garage….

December 2004

The garage if now fitted and in place 14″6′ by 10″, the floor is now painted and the electric and alarm have now been fitted, just waiting for me an my brother to go an collect the first two modules on Saturday 8th January.


January 8th 2005

Me and my brother picked up modules 1 and 2, I asked for the brake pipes to be fitted and I was going to do the rest. but to my surprise not only were the brake pipes fitted but the wiring loom attached and the pedals mounted to the space frame.

9th January 2005

I didn’t quite where to start, so i got everything in order… which is pretty unusual for me I normally race in like a bull in a china shop. I had to organise the bolts into the right sizes as they are all pretty similar.
Started to work on the rear suspension, going pretty well but I have found a couple of things that hasn’t been explained in the manual. so I have emailed technical support. (tech support by email not so hot, over the phone cool)
All in all a good day!

10th – 15th January 2005

I managed to put in an hour each night completed the rear suspension no problems, front ones causing me a little problem. nothing too serious just struggling to get the torque spanners into the front hub. found an easy way to do this was the bottom joint and torquing it up and then the top.
Lesson Learnt so far:-

2) Left is near Side (kerbside), right is drivers side.
3) DON’T Put the cycle brackets on first you only have to take them back off to put the hubs on.
4) Tap wrench the connectors they do have a little bit of crap in them.
Note : completed module one and have 12 washers left over, 6 nut and spring washers and 2x 2 3/4 UNF bolts.
Struggling with offside top ball joint the Metaloc nuts are just spinning, just got it off but i think the nut is broken…
Splash goes Sunday!!!

16th January 2005

started to assemble the diff, problem!!! doesn’t fit, phone call to Westfield!

17th January – 22nd January 2005

After advice from Westfield we realise that I have the larger diff and therefore it needs to be angle grinded down, so out come the angle grinder and take off the corner, the next problem is that the diff i have doesn’t have a bolt that goes all the way through but two bolt either side. I have some worries that I have also damaged the thread whilst trying to assist the bolt through so out comes the tap and die set.

As for the Metaloc nuts problem… dead simple it’s easy when you know how!!! Apply pressure on the top and the ball joint will stop spinning!!
Next tried to fit the top steering column and the hole in the space frame is too high, so under the advice of Westfield I make the hole marginally bigger. COOL starting to look like a car.

23rd January 2005

Tinkered around a bit this morning, removed the bolts that where holding the diff in space and added copper slip on to the bolts.
Torque tightened and mark the bolts that I had already fitted, although whilst doing this one of the bolts on the steering rack collapsed- I need to ask for a new one.
Shopping list
1x Bolt to attach to the diff to the supporting bracket.
1x Steering Rack nut and bolt as the last one failed.
2x Spacers for the headlights.
2x Holes for the Handbrake cable.
Attached the fuel pump but wasn’t 100% on where this goes the manual was missing the picture!!

*** Update *** This fuel pump is not needed if you are using throttle bodies, so don’t bother with it.

5th February 2005

Hand brake should be fitted dead centre on the bars, so centre punched a hole and drilled the hole through for the hand brake and fitted the cable.

13th February 2005

Well I spoke to Westfield and I made a couple of mistakes, the diff doesn’t need any spacers and they are the ones to be used for the headlamp bracket.

20th February 2005

Received the parts from Westfield and fitted the torque bolts to the drive shaft and tightened them up. Finished Modules 1 & 2
****Saving up for 3 & 4****

24th September 2005

Below is the link from Westfield of how to connect the fuel pump for the ford zetec engine.
Updated section from module from Westfield.




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