Module 3 & 4

Module 3

Engine, prop shaft, gear box and steering column.

Module 4

Radiator, cooling hoses, petrol tank, windscreen washer, horn, fuel pump, fuel filter and inertia switch.

16th April 2006

Me and my brother (Jamie) drove down to Westfield to collect modules 3 &4, the drive down and collection were so smooth.

Arrived home where my uncle Tim, my dad (Andy), Jamie and myself moved the engine into position… this part of the build is not to be under estimated!!!

We had a number of problems and issues that we as a team managed to solve these were:-

1) The stands that Westfield supplied are too high and therefore we couldn’t lift the engine into position because of the garage roof (solved by angle grinding the stands down)
2) lack of space in front of the car, for the engine hoists leg to get into the right position (solved by using axle stands)

Other technical problems included not having drill holes for the near side front engine mount….

24th April 2006

Moved the engine mounting on the left side, and drilled an 8mm hole and place 3 M8 25mm screws with nyloc nuts.

 26th April 2006

Started to tighten the engine mounts -OK
Started to tighten the gearbox mounts – SHIT, Snapped (emailing Westfield); after checking a couple of web sites this appears to be a normal thing!!!!

30th April 2006

The replacement engine mount have arrived, loosed the engine mountings… jacked up the gear box and swapped the engine mounts…. an easier job than I expected, i though i would have to hire an engine crane and remove the engine and replace the bolts.

May 5th 2006

The throttle body has arrived so fitted it…. no idea how the accelerator cable should be attached so I’ll send another email later…..

May 13th 2006

July 10th 2006

Not done a lot on the car recently… i have been decorating my babies nursery, look like the big day is November so would love to get the car fixed up before then! i don’t  think Westfield do child seats and can bring affordable auto insurance

Collected the body work from Westfield this morning, decided on navy blue with biscuit seats. anyway while I was down I asked a couple of questions and here are the answers.

Question 1. The wiring loom and throttle body have different connectors is this right?
Answer.    No, re make one end to make them compatible. Please click here to see wiring diagram.

Question 2. The wiring to the horn isn’t long enough, what should I do?
Answer.    Extend it.

Question 3. The throttle cable wont attach to the throttle body, am I missing something?
Answer.    Yes, and they made me the connector.

Question 4. How does the fuel pump attach to the body?
Answer.    See the picture below

September 10th 2006

Attended an open day a the VOSA centre at Derby…. please follow the link.

September 15th 2006

Not been up to much just tinkering around and making a steel fuel pipe, at my first attempt I managed to kink the pipe which then turned it useless..

Kinked Fuel Pipe. completly duff!someone later sugessted filling the pipe with sand and then rebending it.

September 16th 2006

Picked up Module 5, but after picking this up I want to complete all the other jobs before I attach the bodywork.. as it will be a git to do one the car is lowered.

September 24th 2006

Mark Walker from Westfield sent me some photo of how the throttle bodies should be setup…



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