The SVA test

drove the car to the Chadderton VOSA centre for the SVA test; the test took 4 hours and it was weighed and measured.

I failed on the following points:-

  • Rear suspension not tight enough
  • Fuel sender cable too long
  • Windscreen pillars failed radius
  • Heat shield failed the external radius
  • Accelerator cable touching the steering column.
  • Seat belt anchor points.
  • Handbrake cable had no reserve.
  • Handbrake cable touching the fixed brake lines.

Windscreen Pillars

To fit in with the law I got some air dry clay and filled in the recess and created a round edge to cover the sharp objects that the tester didn’t like. i then used glue and glued on blue trim to match the rest of the car!

Heat Shield

the front and back parts of the heat shield do not meet the radius; the tester advised that I went to Halfords and buy the ‘chav’ windscreen trim for motorcycles. £5.00.

Seat Belts

Sue from XXXX helped me by sourcing the long spacer needed to allow the seat belt to turn.


Other Problems

The clearance of the car was to low; fortunately I took the suspension spanners and was able to raise the height to gain clearance to get onto the weigh machine.

The speedo was also out and I was given three attempts to get it on the mark; and got it on the 3rd attempt.

Took the hand brake cable and pumped the brake and the reserve reset itself; i also changed the routing of the cable so it didn’t touch the brake lines.


The retest took 10 minutes and everything was sorted.

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