Speed Series 2011

Speed Series 2011

I’m looking at entering the speed series for the first time, I have provisionally put my name down for 8 races….

looking forward to it.

Jobs to do

  • Timming Strut
  • Race Suit
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Service Car
  • identify parts with stickers

Race 1 Aintree Sprint

From Anglesey Sprint 2011, posted by JP Williams on 9/13/2011 (12 items)

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Race 2 Harewood

Race 3 Curbough

Race 4/5 Ty Cros

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  1. Thanks for making me fmuoas Tina, i’m actually Debbie’s Aunty-in-law (if there is such a thing) and thanks for the advice about the paper trimmer, i’m made up with it. Looking forward to our next crafty outing, I’d best start saving for my next splurge now! Keep up the excellent work,i’m sure that one day your dream will come true X

  2. Hi Nicky!This is the first time l have browsed your site. I dont know if anynoe has the time to read the comments or even reply. I have noted some very negative comments so l am a little sceptical.I have been a racing fan for over 50 years and follow racing with a passion. My favourite Jumps trainer is David Pipe, and whenever l message him he very kindly replies. Which I much appreciate. On the flat its Roger Charlton who likewise is very responsive to any comments or questions I put to him.I have nothing but admiration for the way you conduct yourself in interview and your talent training racehorses is obviously second to none.To get to my point I want to wish you tou all the very best with your quest to regain the trainers crown. Such a modert and most likeable person richly deserves it in my opinion. Very good luck for the future, some of your younger horses have been a joy to watch.Oh by the way have you let Roger have Keys back yet?Very best wishesGraham Edwards.

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